At A Glance

OVIWUN Performance:


Two, 450 Watt Electric Motors


Max Speed

44 mph



31 mph


Climb Rate

2,280 feet/min



5,500 feet



20 minutes


Max Payload

6.5 lb


OVIWUN - Beta Version, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) Developmental Aircraft

Type - Radio Controlled, Unmanned Air Vehicle (UAV)

Trek Aerospace's OVIWUN is a first generation radio controlled, electrically powered, dual ducted, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) developmental aircraft.  Weighing less than four pounds, without batteries, this vehicle is operated by a line-of-sight seven channel radio.  We are currently working with an engineering team at  Stanford  University testing code and flight capabilities.

See a video of OVIWUN September test flights here!


OVIWUN is based upon Trek Aerospace's patented dual ducted design.  This design is inherently safer for the operator and observers and also protects the vehicle during operation.  The ducts allow OVIWUN to brush against items, without damaging them or the machine!   The 95.5 cubic inch payload compartment is easily accessible and maintains orientation within +/- 5 degrees throughout the flight envelope.  The vehicle provides 14 volts to support power requirements for additional payload.  OVIWUN is radio controlled and electrically powered using rechargeable batteries. Its vertical take-off and landing capabilities make it sought after by both the aerospace engineering and computer science departments at major universities.

The fans counter rotate, eliminating the torque that is normally associated with a single rotor. This makes this vehicle easier to fly than most electrically powered helicopters, while delivering significantly more payload. The ducts and fans tilt, individually, about a common axis for pitch and yaw control.  The ducts can be easily removed and replaced for ease of transport.  

The vehicle comes with open source flight control software and is equipped with a navigation and servo control board as well as a XScale based network interface and single board computer.  This vehicle also comes with a seven channel FM transmitter and receiver.  Endurance can be extended with supplemental, optional battery packs which can be easily added.

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OVIWUN Applications

Since OVIWUN is a radio controlled vehicle that can be equipped with a camera and sensors, it can be flown into areas that are dangerous, too small for normal aircraft, and/or that are too unstable for humans to enter safely.  OVIWUN is currently flown by direct control via a radio transmitter, however future applications will include autonomous flight via GPS and preprogrammed points. 

With requests from the military and civilian sectors for small VTOL vehicles, the list of applications increases almost daily.

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